FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


If you are the student of our sister schools, you could apply for the student exchange program and study at Wenzao for 1 semester or 1 academic year depending on the agreement with your school. Our closing dates for applications are: June 30 for the fall semester and December 31 for the spring semester. Please submit the application materials to the International Office of your school. The application forms are downloadable at Here
Please find information on Here. If any further questions, please contact the Recruitment Section at Here.


We currently have 12 departments and 5 graduate institutes. Beside language courses taught in target languages and the courses of general education, most of the courses are conducted in English.
Exchange students can take any courses offered by each department, provided that they should get the permissions from both the teacher and the chairperson of the course offered. For the first two weeks, students could audit the courses interest them. The teachers could therefore evaluate their language proficiency and learning ability to see whether the students could meet the requirements. After students audit the courses and have the permissions, they could enroll in the courses.
For questions 1~2, please refer to the course information on Here


Our fall semester runs from mid-September to mid-January, and spring semester from late February to late June. Please visit our school website for complete school calendar.
Yes. Please note that Wenzao Ursuline College of Langauges is in Kaohsiung City, in which Kaohsiung (Siaogang) International Airport is located. Therefore, if your destination is Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, please transfer by other transports to Kaohsiung. After your arrival here in Kaohsiung, we will pick you up at the airport or the station provided that a request to this office is given at least 2 weeks ahead.
We offer free Chinese language courses in our Center of Chinese Languages (CCL) to help students with basic communication skills. Further, CCL would assign a learning partner to each student for more pronunciation practice.
For degree-seeking international students who are not proficient in Chinese, intensive Chinese language classes would be arranged to expedite their proficiency. Some compulsory courses conducted in Chinese for freshmen may be allowed to take starting from their 2nd year depending on their language level.
Students are also assigned by the Office of International Programs an International Student Assistant (ISA) to help international students while studying and living in Kaohsiung.
Students could participate in any clubs or organizations if they like as long as the club leader admits and they could attend the classes or meetings regularly. For more information, please consult the Extracurricular Activity Section.
If you want to live in our student dormitory, you need to be aware of the following important regulations:
  • The charge is NTD13,000 per semester. It does NOT cover stay during summer vacation, nor winter vacation. The refundable deposits for facility maintenance (NTD5,000) and a gate card (NTD200) should be paid upon check-in. If you borrow linens and beddings from the dorm, you have to pay NTD300 for a laundry service.
  • If you require moving in before school starts, a NTD250 charge per day will be charged.
  • There is a curfew at the dormitory, so please be aware of the related regulations. (10:30pm, Sun.~Thu.; 11:00 Fri.~Sat.)
  • There is a student cafeteria which mainly serves Taiwanese cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All dormitory residents are required to purchase meal tickets amounted to NTD3000 unless a waiving commitment has been made.
  • Room door should NOT be locked, so the personal belongings are completely in the custody of your own. It is suggested that you use locks for the closet and drawers to keep your personal belongings from missing.
  • Smoking, Alcohol drinking, gambling, disposable tableware are all forbidden on campus and in the dormitory.
  • Uses of lighters and matches are prohibited in the dormitory, too.
Since we have strict rules for residential students, it is suggested that you should live off campus if you enjoy freedom and value privacy. Office of International Programs could assist you in finding off campus accommodations.
We have a health center on campus stationed a doctor from the near hospital at 12:20~13:10 on Mon. and Fri. If you get sick, you could go to the health center during these two periods for preliminary diagnosis or medical care. Other than these periods, some basic treatments for common health/medical problems are provided by school nurse.
We strongly suggest you carry overseas medical insurance in your home countries before departure. If not, you had better carry the student health insurance here (about NTD$305/semester). When you get hurt by accident or hospitalized for illness, you could get the refunds by handing in the doctor note and the receipts to the health center.