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Welcome to College of The Holistic Education

Holistic education has been Wenzao's philosophy since its founding, and continues to be the core value for sustainable development. Reaching beyond professionalism in students' development, the College of Holistic Education has exerted its cross-college functionality to cultivate moral and well-mannered students by leading them to a physically, mentally and spiritually healthy state, penetrating liberal arts, and inserting them into harmony with the external world. Well-designed curriculum, rites and ceremonies, events and activities of various kinds are offered for sound character formation. Approaches including teacher-student interaction, learner-centered instruction, critical thinking and proactive learning serve as pioneer efforts to be followed throughout the University.

To cope with the development of the human, the three centers of the College work respectively on physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Center for General Education

The Center focuses on course variation and theme teaching to help students embrace education for life and realize its fundamental meaning. Goals are achieved through personality formation and life education. Courses include culture, arts, history, philosophy, social science, natural science, applied science and technology, and physical education. Besides required courses in the 5-year junior college, the center further designs various study groups for 4-year college covering nature and science, society and law, liberal arts, and logical argumentation to provide students with diverse choices. More

Center for Ursuline Education

The Center for Ursuline Education has upheld and profoundly fulfilled Ursuline holistic education. In addition to promoting the educational expounded in Catholicism and Ursuline education, the Center has also been committed to developing Wenzao into an incubator for the cultivation of young volunteers in the Catholic Church with the ultimate goal of developing Wenzao into cooperative platform for Asian-Pacific Ursuline schools. More

Center for Physical Education

The Center is charge of organization and facilitating the Universityˇ¦s athletic activities and Physical Education courses. It bases its teaching objectives on studentsˇ¦ multiple interests in order for them to develop lifelong exercise habits. Through affective education, teachers help to build up teamwork and positive attitude towards life among students, as well as improve their health, intelligence development and well-cultured personality. More