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Welcome to College of European and Asian Languages

The College aims at cultivating professionals with a mastery of two foreign languages and expertise in related industries. The College consists of the Department of French, Department of German, Department of Spanish and Department of Japanese. The European (EU) Center has been affliated to the College, which creates synergistic effects by further integrating the resources. After Wenzao was reinstituted as a university, the College continues to expand in number and scale of its industry-government-academia cooperation and seeks more internship opportunities for students to be connected to workplace environments prior to graduation.


Department of French

The department aims to form talented students who have mastery of both French and English. Students are trained to be accurate and fluent in communication skills in the workplace and to be broadly informed in different disciplines for cultivation and enhancement of translation skills in business, journalism, tourism and the hospitality industry. More

Department of German

The Department's education objective is to cultivate holistically educated professionals with a mastery of English and German, as well as expertise and practical experience in culture, education, translation and interpreting, social science, business and hospitality industry. More

Department of Spanish

To cope with the demands from the industry and the society, the Department offers cross-college professional tracks to nurture talents with cultivation in humanities, global vision and cross-disciplinary expertise, whose employability is strengthened by practical training and language proficiency in both Spanish and English. More

Department of Japanese

The Department is committed to cultivating Japanese language professionals for the nation and society. Keeping abreast of the latest trends and following industrial development and changes, the Department aims to incubate internationally competent and creative Japanese language professionals through its foreign language training in Japanese and English and second expertise acquisition. More

European(EU) Center

The EU Center aims at introducing European cultures, facilitating EU/European studies and enhancing the collaboration with European academic institutions. Its Overseas Study Information Office is one of major portals to European education in southern Taiwan. More