Library What We Do

The Wenzao Library is housed in an eight storey building with an underground floor. On the campus, it is a preferred place for faculty and students and widely praised by visitors. The Library is made unique by the variety of its collections, advanced information technology equipment, warm and comfortable reading environment and a comprehensive bilingual website.


Since the University was founded in 1966, the library collection now numbers over 330,000 volumes in six languages such as Chinese, Japanese, English, French, German, and Spanish. It's worth mentioning that the Library has taken the lead in national technical universities in terms of the quantity of foreign language monographs and multimedia collections. In addition, the Library maintains a well-balanced collection of Chinese and other foreign language materials, which is rare to see. Because of sufficient annual budget provided by the University, collections of the library continue to grow. For instance, the acquisition of electronic resources increases and now more than170 electronic databases, more than 40,000 e-journals, and 400,000 volumes of e-books are accessible 24/7 for users.

Special features of the Library include the Gengxin Yuan Study Commons on the 3rd floor and the Media Resources Center on the 5th floor. The Gengxin Yuan Study Commons, decorated in the classical Chinese style, provides faculty and students with a tranquil area for reading and group discussion. Tea-making equipment and all-in-one desktops are available to users. The Media Resources Center offers rich and diverse collection of audio-visual materials in various languages. In addition to several viewing rooms and a number of multimedia carrels, the Center has installed a media-on-demand system which supports language learning and meets entertainment needs. On other floors of the Library, there are seven group-discussion rooms, one advising room for academic and career advising services, and one multi-purpose learning studio for lectures, library orientations and book clubs.

With the advent of mobile technology, the Library offers wireless Internet access in public areas, provides laptops and e-book readers for loan, and also creates a mobile version of library website so that users can better access library resources and services on mobile devices. The Library will re-design some reading spaces and build a learning commons in 2014 to carry out "library as a center of learning" so as to respond to the emerging needs of e-learning and multiple learning styles.

By keeping track of recent ICT developments, the Library endeavors to provide professional and innovative services and to introduce new information technology and digital resources into the system. The Library is committed to a partnership with faculty, staff and students so as to facilitate research, support instructional excellence, motivate students to sound reading habits, and develop their competencies for life-long learning.