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Welcome to College of Cultural and Education Innovation

The College integrates technology, art and language education, with humanities at its core and extension to innovated application, aiming at cultivating talents with public recognition of their ability to apply technology, arts and language and to create new forms of life. The College consists of four departments: Department of Applied Chinese, Department of Foreign Language Instruction, Department of Communication Arts, and Department of Digital Content Application and Management, joined under the beliefs of innovation and productivity as a new alternative between conventional business management and creative industry.


Department of Foreign Language Instruction
Graduate Institute of Foreign Language Education and Cultural Industries

Apart from enhancing students' English proficiency, the Department stresses the acquisition of foreign language teaching capability. With the strength of Wenzao's elementary school teacher degree program certified by the Ministry of Education, R.O.C., students who complete the program are qualified to serve not only in private foreign language education institutes, but also in public and private elementary schools throughout Taiwan. Furthermore, the Graduate Institute was established to cultivate outstanding talents of foreign language teaching and foreign language education business management for all levels of schools and industries. The curriculum design centers on foreign language teaching, instructional technology and foreign language education operation and management. More

Department of Applied Chinese
Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

The Department is devoted to nurturing professionals with Chinese language teaching competency, Chinese language proficiency, and cultivation in classic and modern literature as well as in Eastern and Western cultures. In keeping with the trends and demands of the workplace, the Department categorizes its curriculum into language expression training and Chinese language teacher incubation groups with a view to cultivating professionals with penetration of Chinese culture, and the capability of cross-cultural and multilingual communications. Aspiring to be the stronghold of Chinese language teaching in southern Taiwan, the Graduate Institute's educational goal is to cultivate Chinese language teachers working overseas and specialists to develop Chinese language teaching materials. More

Department of Communication Arts
Graduate Institute of Creative Arts Industries

The Departmenet and Graduate Institute lay equal emphasis on theory and practice. Teachers impart their rich expertise or practical experience to students to strengthen their digital media planning, production and broadcasting abilities. With features in language resources and broadcasting equipment, students are given an advantage for more opportunities of internship and cooperation in related industries, thereby achieving the educational goal of integrating theory and practice. The curriculum of the Graduate Institute encompasses the two major fields, digital communication and arts marketing, which respectively cultivate students' in creative production, media creation, communication technology application and integration, art literacy, art law, and arts marketing to solidify their academic research competency and employability. More

Department of Digital Content Application and Management

The Department recruits those aspiring to succeed in the fields of animation, business and design. Four specialties, namely media animation design, interactive game design, digital value-added marketing, and web design, are highlighted. These features, along with Wenzao's foreign language teaching resources, will enable students to bring out the most of explore and test their potential through e-teaching. More

Center for Teacher Education

The Center has been an incubator to nurture Taiwan's elementary school teachers. Since its establishment in 2001, more than 55 students have passed the official recruitment and are now serving in elementary schools, and many others are also devoted to elementary school English teaching, with remarkable results achieved. More