Research and Development What We Do


Under national policies and institutional strategic development, the missions of Office of Research and Development are to activate academic research and promote exchange and cooperation among industry, government and academia. By motivating faculty for excellent scholastic and research performance, strengthening collaboration with the industry for mutual benefits, and enhancing students' competitiveness at work force, Wenzao has become an indispensable partner and resource for translation and conference services and extension education.

To boost multi-lateral cooperation for a win-win outcome, the Section hosts forums, conferences and seminars, conducts enterprise training courses, seeks student internship opportunities, both domestic and overseas, and operates in alliance with MOE regional industrial-academic centers.

The Section is the core administrative unit in Wenzao that promotes academic research and development by serving the faculty and students and assisting in institutional operations as its principles. Incentives of various types are offered to encourage journal publication, conference presentation, and project commission, respectively at intercollege, government, and international levels.

Translation service includes:

  • Simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation and escort interpretation services for all conference occasions
  • Translation and proofreading services for different types of documents
  • Script translation and voice-over service
  • Rental of interpretation equipment

Convention and Exhibition service includes:

  • Operation of the Wenzao Convention & Exhibition Practicum Center, with respect to hardware improvement, organizing MICE teaching teams, and design and implementation of related courses
  • Tenders for full-scale services in domestic or international seminars, conferences and events.
  • Venue rental, work force counseling, faculty extensive career development

To promote lifelong learning and career learning, the Extension Education Center offers a wide variety of courses including non-credit courses related to languages and life skills, credit courses for bachelor and master degrees, and training courses sponsored by enterprises or governmental institutes.