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Welcome to College of English and International Studies

The College aims at cultivating professionals proficient in English and second foreign language(s) and equipped with holistic development and global vision. The College also provides foreign language majors with tracks in business management, international affairs, and MICE industry programs to ensure their employability.


Department of English

The courses provided by the Department of English are taught exclusively in English. Alternative and creative teaching along with extracurricular activities greatly increase the effectiveness of English learning. The courses are designed to respond to the current demands for graduates with a world view, who are professionally trained in business, finance, tourism, communication, translation, interpretation, cross-cultural studies and English teaching. Equipped with high English proficiency, professional competence, humanistic cultivation and a global view, the students will have the edge over their competitors. More

Department of Translation and Interpreting

The Department enhances practical translation skills with classroom instruction as the foundation, and facilitates teaching in e-learning and translation practice courses; translation/interpreting techniques are delivered to students through the use of authentic materials and simulation of the real world of conference interpretation. To increase students' practical experiences and to achieve the goal of combining theory with practice, we encourage students to work as interns in the Szuyuan Translation Service and other companies, or apply for internship opportunities to work as receptionists or translators/interpreters at international events and conferences. More

Graduate Institute of Multilingual Translation and Interpreting

The Graduate Institute of Multilingual Translation and Interpreting strives to train highly qualified translators and interpreters, international conference multilingual professionals, language database expert editors, and translation/interpreting project managers. Equipped with multilingual proficiency, translation/interpreting skills and multicross-disciplinary knowledge, our graduate students are expected to become experienced translators and interpreters, as well as communication specialists/experts employed by the language services industry.


Department of International Business Administration
Graduate Institute of International Business and Cultural Practices

Incorporating business management and foreign language programs, the Department attaches importance to quality and in-depth learning, teacher-student interaction, information technology, and foreign language training in the hope of cultivating international business management professionals with comprehensive thinking and independent problem-solving competency. The Graduate Institute aims to cultivate executives and managers with international affairs management and cultural exchange competence. More

Department of International Affairs

The curriculum of the Department of International Affairs features holistic education, internationalization through foreign languages acquisition, and expertise of international affairs. The Department aims to nurture professionals in international politics and economics with a cross-disciplinary background, multi-cultural adaptability and an excellent command of foreign languages. More

Center for English Language Teaching

Established in 2013, the Center is in charge of organizing, planning and implementing the University's campus-wide English curriculum and teaching. The Center also integrates English teaching resources to maintain Wenzao's prestige as a stronghold for English teaching. The 24-credit required English program is under its supervision, with spiraling courses, flexible placement and remedial assistance to address to students' learning differences and individual needs. More