The Educational Philosophy of Wenzao

The fundamental philosophy of the University is built on respect for every individual; therefore the curricula are designed to recognize differences in students and focus on their whole person development. Wenzao hopes to nurture students not only in their professional capability and communication skills for international rapport but also in the formation of world citizens who are proud of their Chinese origin and respectful to multiculturalism and wield leadership to serve humanity. To carry out such goal, the slogan of “Life, Language, Leadership” is frequently seen on cammpus as a reminder to faculty and students.

ServiamMeaning: The small tree standing on the slope symbolizes that Wenzaorians are willing to take challenges. In spite of all obstacles, they endeavor to grasp opportunities and bring school a prosperous future.

Tracing the Origin: St. Ursula, the early Christian martyr, was chosen as patroness in a lot of Ursuline schools. She was the patroness of the European universities in the Middle Ages. The laurel tree, arrow, and cross are symbolic of St. Ursula due to her courage in the face of danger and challenges. LAUREL, originated from the Latin LAURUS, can be permuted as URSULA.

ServiamWith its motto, “Revere the divine, love the human.” and the motto of all Ursuline schools, “Serviam” (I will serve), Wenzao hopes to develop students spiritually as well as to prepare them for success in this highly demanding and competitive world. It is Taiwan’s first comprehensive university of languages to inspire individual development in professional excellence and service for humanity by leading transformative experience.