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Wenzao is renowned for its foreign language education and has always put special emphasis on interaction with foreign educational institutions. In the early stage, major activities were limited to visiting colleges and universities, especially in Europe and America. Since Wenzao's upgrading to full four-year college status in 1999, international activities and programs have become more diversified. Read More


International ExchangesFaculty and students go abroad for academic purposes, while on campus events of various kinds are regularly scheduled, such as international seminars and workshops, visits and short-term studies, domestic and overseas internship programs, exchange programs, and volunteering. Just as activities have turned out to be bilateral or multilateral, connection has crossed over to Latin America, the Pacific Rim and as far as Africa. So far, Wenzao has more than 130 academic collaboration partners. However, we aim not merely at an increasing number of sister schools but also at the establishment of a substantial and long-term relationship with these schools. Based on the existing relationship, the Office of International Programs will keep promoting academic exchange activities. In the future, the Office will devote itself to cultivating global citizens, developing international cooperation projects with government agencies and industries, recruiting outstanding students for overseas studies and international voluntary projects. offering joint-degree programs with sister school, hosting 3-weeks Chiness Summer Program and providing information to attract foreign exchange students to study at Wenzao, all in a view to shaping a campus with international characteristics.

Application must be submitted by international office or designated department of home universities. Once the application is accepted by Wenzao, an admission letter will be posted to the students to proceed with visa application. Applicants must meet the requirements of visa and health check set by R.O.C. Oversea Consular Offices.

Exchange students may select any course at Wenzao once they fulfill the prerequisites and have the permission of the professors. Proper Chinese Language courses will be arranged for exchange students if they need to enhance their Chinese language ability, however, an additional must be filled out to apply for this language training. Please consult your department regarding your selection of courses. Fill in the appropriate information on your course registration form, have the form signed by the chairperson of your department, and hand it in to the Curriculum Section in the Office of Academic Affairs.

A. Entry documents
Please fill in the following the documents:
1. Application Form
2. On-campus Dormitory application
3. Off-campus Dormitory application
4. Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment
5. Health Certificate Form B
6. Health Care & Accident Insurance Certificate
(Students have to submit this Certificate to the Section of Overseas Student Affairs when they register at Wenzo, or they may choose to join the Cathay insurance program offered via Section of Overseas Student Affairs, with NTD 500/month.)

B. VISA application

Visa Type

Application Details

Visitor Visa

For students staying less than 6 months:
Application & required documents:
*** The validity per Visitor Visa is usually 90 days, students can apply for extension at the National Immigration Agency, ONCE per VISA.
*** The application for extension has to be submitted 15 days prior expiration.

Resident Visa

For students staying more than 6 months:
- within 15 days of receiving the Resident Visa, students have to apply to the National Immigration Agency for Alien Resident Certificate (ARC). Any late application is subject to penalty.

Application & required documents of the Resident Visa:

Application & required documents of ARC:

** Please make sure you apply for 2 sets of Health Certificate, 1 for the Visa Application, 1 for your application to Wenzao.

For other inquiry, please refer to the following website:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Or contact Ms. Huang, Yu Ting, Section of Overseas Student Affairs, via 07-3426031 ext. 2643 or email to

C. OISAS Volunteer Program
The organization of OISAS Volunteers has long to be a proud tradition of our university. Various kinds of activities and events are jointly held Section of Overseas Student Affairs and OISAS, such the Christmas Party, field trip to different cities in Taiwan…etc. Students are most welcomed to join these exciting activities.
In addition, each overseas student will be paired up with one volunteer, whom is more than happy to entertain or provide help when necessary.

Airport Pick-up Service :
We provide airport pick-up service at the Kaohsiung International Airport or High Speed Rail-Kaohsiung Station, upon student’s request. Questionnaire will be sent along with your admission email, please reply with the required details. Pick-up service will be provided by our OISAS volunteers accordingly.

For more information, please visit the website of Section of Overseas Student Affairs. (